This gallery is my vision for sharing with my fellow people of this journey the beauty I see within them. Their heart and kindness, their hopes and dreams. There talents and abilities.  We so easily see outer beauty in today's world that I wanted to stop and share who we are inside. The inner person is something we don't always get to see or experience in this fast paced world. I hope you enjoy the gallery and stop back from time to time to be inspired by another fellow human and their inner beauty. I see you and I believe in you!

Bird Songs

8x10 acrylic on stretched canvas
one of a kind


This piece came about thanks to Nancy Maliwesky. She is a talented folk singer/song writer from Syracuse, New York. Her heart and soul are so unique and wonderful that my heart is tied up with hers every time I listen to her music. Nancy had shared with me that birds were very special to her and when you listen to the music you quickly feel the importance and connection Nancy feels for birds and really the powerful symbol they are for rising above the pain and the tragedies we all have faced or will face. Head over to the blog to read more about my experience in painting this piece.

All About Her Love...

8x10 acrylic on stretched canvas

one of a kind

I have so much I could say about the woman behind this inner beauty capture. I must say every time I do one of these, my heart expands and grows. How do I translate what I see and hear about a person? How do I take the wealth of emotions, stories, colors and capture it...lock it down for a single moment in time?

I don't know that I can fully explain the process I go through to arrive at the final place I do with these works. How do I know when I have it? How do I know I've listened well? How do I choose...Well I don't really choose. The process seems to choose me. I suppose it's a collaboration of sorts. When someone is all in for expressing their heart, as this beautiful woman was, it gives me such a freedom to create and share with them exactly what I saw in their beautiful vulnerability.

This woman is no exception to living full with love in her heart and determination to live life to the fullest. She has a heart as vast and deep as the ocean. She loves people deeply and cares more than ever about each person that comes into her life.

I want this woman to see and know that her sparkle, her beauty, her beautiful heart fills this world with such a glow, much like the sunset spreads it's beauty and grace upon the earth every night.

Her zest for life and enjoying the good things in life, even when...Read the rest of the story here.



Juli's Tree

8x10 acrylic on stretched canvas
one of a kind

Where do I begin to share the emotions and heart behind this piece? Right here I guess. Here with the beautiful heart that inspired it and so bravely and willingly shared her story with me.

This painting, Juli's Tree (pronounced Hoo' lee) has so many layers of emotion, feeling, and hopes that it would be impossible to lay them all out here in a single blog post adequately. It would fall short of the beauty, bravery, splendor, courage, vivaciousness, and positivity that Juliana Alonso carries in her heart every day.

Juli is a fellow artist and as you will see in her own work it is full of deep sentiment, love, and a boldness for life, a courage to rise above the fears and the life roads that would try to take us and ruin us. She is a brilliant artist and this stems from her inner beauty, her beautiful nature. Her talents her creations are a product of a river of love, kindness, hope, and boldness that runs deep in her veins.

Her roots run deep and the blood of the Andes Mountains runs through her. They are always with her. No matter where Juli travels she has her roots and is able to take in the beauty of life, revel in it, and celebrate life; despite the challenges that have been upon her shoulders.

I want to share why I chose to represent Juli this way with some beautiful sentiments and thoughts she shared with me. When I read her words I felt a deep connection and I won't lie, what she said gave me goosebumps and tears. To read more go here...


The Wilding

8x10 acrylic on stretched canvas

One of a kind

This piece is a result of Steve Wilding. His name alone makes you feel like there is a freedom and purpose within him. He may not realize it but his inner beauty is so epic that there was no way for me to capture it completely.

He is a man of great worth. A person worth knowing and listening to the rivers of life flowing through him. My heart opened wider the day I read Steve's story and let his light in. I can not tell you all of the details as they are not mine to tell. But I can share with you the inner beauty I felt through this work of art.

I did not know how to capture him with color other than this feeling of great wide open spaces of green, blue starry nights where we journey through our thoughts and hearts and hope to grow a seed of promise and magic. He took me on a journey with his story.

I want to share with you something he said that was the catalyst for me: Click here for the rest of the story!




Lydia's Flower

5x7 acrylic on canvas board

one of a kind

This piece of my heart came from connecting with a dear woman named Lydia all the way over in Switzerland.

Lydia won this piece because I decided to do a giveaway after reaching 100 people coming to like the studio page over on Facebook of all things! While that may seem simple and really how could a real human connection be made this way, it did happen. This woman has a very loving heart and her thoughts are full of love and an inspiration that touched my heart.

Please head over to the blog to read more about Lydia's Flower and how this piece of my heart came into existence because without meeting and connecting with Lydia this piece would never be.

Into the Heart of Her
8"x10" acrylic on stretched canvas
one of a kind

This piece is for a dear woman who has a heart so deep and beautiful. She shared so many beautiful thoughts with me. As she did so her tears flowed freely which signaled to me ~ this is a woman of deep heart, passion, and valor.

A mother of three beautiful children it was easy to hear the deep love and how important those three souls are to her.

She shared her love for being out in nature and the value of taking time to be with her thoughts and finding her way through them by living life as fully and as richly as she can. Taking bike rides and listening to music that speaks to her soul. Getting her hands in the dirt and feeling the life around her in her garden.

She shared music with me and colors that she was drawn to and the result of listening to this beautiful woman and listening to the music that moves her heart is what came about on the canvas.

As I painted my heart out and listened to Van Morrison's ~ Into the Mystic, I sang my heart out and found that connection of two people I look for when painting another hearts inner beauty.

"I wanna rock your gypsy soul just like way back in the days of old and together we will flow into the mystic."

And I saw her fully and completely in those words. I saw a woman of daring, adventure, belief, hopes, dreams, love and passion. A woman who has endured and survived. A woman far from being done shining her light.

Then I got to thinking...

To read more go here.


Getting to Know You

5x7 acrylic on canvas board

one of a kind

This piece was made for a love letter enthusiast! Every month I give away a piece of my heart (artwork) as a thank you toone of you on the journey with me through my weekly love letter of inspiration emails!

I painted this piece specifically with an enthusiastic man named Jay, in mind and heart. After a few emails we quickly created a human connection and it is surprising how listening to someones words and the music they enjoy, even through email, you can get a sense for someones zest for life.

Jay's family is lucky to have such a man full of life in their lives. I imagine their family adventures will continue for a very long time. To read more about how Jay was chosen for the giveaway and what I went through to arrive at this finished piece head over here.