Head in the Clouds

Pocket Art Mini's Part 5


That's where I like to be. Dreaming, planning, and thinking about good things. Not just good things. Really great things.

In times of difficulty I try really hard not to let the negativity drag me out of this place. At least I put up a really good fight.

Sometimes I have to think of dark times in order to heal. It is difficult work. Sometimes it has even been scary. 

Whatever the case may be, I try my best to remain in this place of optimism. I fill my mind with brightness. With stories of truth that are the result of hardwork. Outcomes of posivity, kindness, love, and endurance rewarded.

I wanted this piece to remind us all that no matter what we face, there is this sacred space we can hold dear. A place we can escape to to help us flourish and grow even in the most difficult of times.