“whatever it takes...cause I love the adrenaline in my veins...I do whatever it takes 'Cause I love how it feels when I break the chains” - Imagine Dragons


Freedom~ 4.5x4.5 on vintage wood (was a piece of a vintage nesting blocks)                                  💞for sale 25.00💞                           This was purely an exercise in freeing myself. Trying to break free from feeling rigid in my work. Kicking the stress to the curb and letting things flow, drain, and build. If you’re interested in the song choice... it was a strange one but it started playing from my running list from earlier today and it clicked.  

I could feel myself falling and rising with the music and just not worrying what the outcome of the project at hand was. That I could paint, without fear that I was making a mistake.  

Painting that freely in such a small space is hard to achieve. The body feels big sweeping movement that would work well on a large canvas. But here on this small space it felt just as good.  

The song was : Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons ( Take a listen.)

Hugs and big thank you’s for hanging here