Here I am painting daily and things just keep going! I had found myself stuck or maybe it was overwhelmed. Trying to find a way to clarify what it is I want to paint.

The result was indecision and no painting or very little. I’ve found in my life when I’m in that state I need permission somehow to do what I know I need to do.  

I think that’s why I love to surround myself with people who I can have meaningful conversations with. People who will say it’s okay Mandy. Or you can do this! 

Its why I choose music that makes my heart beat or tells a story that rings true. Music that speaks to my life story. 

So I think joining a challenge that asks me to paint something daily is just what I needed to shed the heavier stuff and do what I needed to do with my paints. 

The story here in this piece is inspired by the song Heavy, by Birdtalker. Life can be hard for so many reasons. Things that happen to us or choices we make. It can be hard to leave the heavy stuff behind and not carry it around with us. We may become scared to trust others. We may not know how to move forward from the things that have happened. The beauty is we are all in the same boat whether we realize it or not. We are never completely alone. Together we grow. Together we thrive. 

Thank you for being here.💗 

 (For Sale 35.00)

Heavy ~ Birdtalker (take a listen here)