“The heartaches come and go...”

“The heartaches come and go...”

Here we are day two of the 21 day creating bravely challenge...and it began with worry of placing the wrong brushstroke and the next moment feeling my heart flow and place down colors that reflect so many emotions of life. 

The piece is inspired by the men and women in my life and whom I’ve met over the years who have faced traumas, loss, heartaches and yet continued to shine their goodness on others.  

Instead of giving up or becoming bitter and cruel to others, they opened their hearts and poured out love and kindness even on their most difficult days.  

The song that took me here was one a dear heart told me reminded them of me and it touched my heart.  

Chiquitita by Abba


Thank you for being here and taking the time to read and share your thoughts back to me.💞