Her Hope

Her Hope is a capture of a woman's inner beauty I've never actually met. So this work was created purely from her words she shared with me. 

It was all in the way she hopes that struck me.  Her words conveyed a positivity that was difficult to ignore. She refused to let negativity take up any space in her life. Even if there were difficulties they were all wrapped up with hope to see her through.  

So hope and bright colours came spilling out as I worked away on this canvas. A strength came through that this woman has herself well rooted in hope and standing tall. I often find trees or water are a part of symbolizing our qualities and strengths.  

As I spent time with this heart I found I wanted to leave a more dream like quality to it.

Sometimes when we hope, we're hoping for things we have yet to see or experience.  We have hope that whatever the future brings it will be bright and beautiful. We trust that the hopes turn into and reveal just what we need at the right times. 

I felt through this inner beauty capture, a brightness, a hope, and a strength to discard the dark. To keep exfoliating unhealthy darkness from the moments, to reveal the bare beauty of life's light, as it is.  


I am so grateful for the patience of this woman aswell. It took me a while to accomplish this piece!  I think if I would have completed it any sooner however, the truth it taught me may have been lost. 

Such a beautiful heart and I anticipate that the hope, strength, and shining inner beauty of this dear woman can be seen and felt in this piece. 

With Love from Me to You dear heart!