Pocket Art Mini's Part 8

Pocket Art Mini's Part 8

Pocket Art Mini's Part 8

Most of my painting is done freehand. Sometimes I lay things out. Often, I just like to start painting and see what emerges. Where will my imagination take me?

My emotions, my heart, different life events all unfurl. Sometimes it's a slow process.  Othertimes it is a rapid process. The emotions and deep rivers of my heart rush out.

Whatever the process I take I love to let my imagination grow. I love to follow the paint around with my imagination. Let the paint and canvas show me what shape they wish to form.

Imagination is so vital to a rich life. It's what makes each child singularily unique and vibrant. Imagination can help a child survive, endure, and thrive.

As grown ups we sometimes lose touch with our imaginations. I wanted this piece to remind us of the beauty of our imaginations. The vital importance of using this precious gift. 

A world without imagination would be a world without stories, pictures, theater, adventure! The sparkle and glitter would be dull. The oceans would have no mermaids. The snow capped mountains no yeti's. The forests no fairies. The universe no secret planets!


A little imagination goes a long way.