Little Pumpkin Heads


2×2 inch acrylic on canvas board 

2×2 inch acrylic on canvas board 

If you are finding it difficult not judging others,  then this artwork is an excellent reminder.

For those of you who have been here with me for a while, you'll remember my way of trying not to judge others. No matter who they are or what situation they have in life. 


Seeing the little person they once were.  


We all were someone's baby. Someones son or daughter. Someones sister or brother. We all had imagination and innocence. We saw pictures in the clouds. We had dreams and imaginary friends.

Some of us were able to grow up healthy with few scrapes and scars, other than the few we got learning to ride our two wheel bikes!  

Then there were some of us who started out that way. Some of our lil person became broken.  People did things to us that took some of that light away from us. 

This is what I try hard to remember.  When I see someone homeless, when I meet someone who is less than kind at the grocery store.  I try really hard to see the little pumpkin head they once were and let my heart ache for them. I let myself wonder what must have happened to them as children? Who hurt them? Who didn't spend the quality time every child deserves?  What brought them to this point in time?

It doesn't mean I have to agree with their behavior or the decisions they are making. It helps me see them in a way that helps me love people and not sit as judge. It helps me remember how we all come from the same place. We all matter and need to be shown kindness and love.